Reunion Weekend! (and that time I fell in love with Florence)

This past weekend, I went to Atlanta for a reunion with all my college buddies. It had nearly been a year since we had all been together, so needless to say I was excited ecstatic! (but sad to Virginia had to be ol Romney’s sidekick and couldn’t make it) Our big reason for meeting in Hotlanta was to go to Music Midtown on Saturday. So, after a fun Friday night we all rallied to make it to the festival in time to see Ludacris (love him).

The crew ready to rock

But the most impressive amazing out of this world incredible group was Florence + the Machine. OMG. Florence Welch is my hero. That woman can rock. Her performance was right up there with Radiohead (don’t worry, Thom, she’ll never replace you in my heart).

Can’t you spot that redhead rocking away in all that light? No. Its because shes on FIRE shes so good. ha

I have been listening to her nonstop since Saturday and am absolutely, utterly obsessed. Here’s a video of one of my favorite songs, What the Water Gave Me:

You listened to that, right? So now you’re going to have that on repeat like me? Good.

After being blown away by Florence, we hopped over to GirlTalk and went nuts. I am still sore from jumping around to the fun tunes that crazy man was throwing at us.

So, take away from this post:

1. Listen to Florence + the Machine

2. Repeat step 1 and love your life

Sunset over Piedmont Park




Check out this site for post titled ” The Ten Moments in Radiohead Songs Which Give You Goosebumps.” Of course, I agree with most this post and would only add that all of “Everything In Its Right Place” gives me chills and the beginning of “There There” does a good job as well.


And of course just remembering March 1, 2012 when I saw Radiohead in Hotlanta will forever give me goosebumps! Love Radiohead, love that post!

That Time I Met Paula Deen

As I mentioned in a previous post, this year I started working at Hoffman Media, a magazine publishing company in Birmingham. A few weeks ago I was lucky to get to tag along on a trip to Savannah to shoot the covers for the Nov/Dec issue of Cooking with Paula Deen and the Paula Deen Christmas special edition. As the only one in the crew who had never been to Savannah or met Paula, I was definitely the only startstuck tourist.

Lady and Sons Restaurant

Savannah was such a neat, historical town. I had a blast shopping, eating, and seeing the sights. Paula’s assistant Brandon even pointed out the president of Marc Jacobs’ home (who knew he lived there?!?).

But the most exciting part was actually getting to meet Paula. She was exactly like she appears to be on TV…joyful, Southern, and cheery. The shoot was in her home, and I could not believe how welcoming Paula and the rest of her family and friends were to us. During some down time Alyce let me jump on the set and get my “cover shot” haha.

Cooking with Brooke!

One shot was of Paula and her grandchildren. Seeing her and her husband Michael interact with their them was so precious, and the room was simply filled with love. At the end of the day, I jumped in the set again, but this time with Paula and Michael. I think i fit in perfectly with the family! Brooke Deen? (oh wait…that is Jamie’s wife….)

Merry Christmas, from our family to yours 😉


I can’t wait to show y’all the final products which will be on stands in October. They are AWESOME!! (duhhh! I was there ha!)

Until next time!

If you don’t bleed black and red….

This past Saturday I went to a football season kickoff fundraiser for Children’s Hospital in Birmingham. Surrounded by waaaay too much crimson, blue and orange, I was so glad to be reppin’ UGA in my red and black!


He gets his fashion sense from the Cooper side…

Ever since then I have gotten more and more excited about the upcoming season! If you need any inspiration watch this video:

I wish I could go back to Saturday in Athens! Attending every game, sitting in the student section, walking down from 1171 with mini bottles stuffed in every pocket …the list goes on and on.


UGA after defeating Ga Tech…surprise surprise

So cheers to the 2012 football season!! Hope you are as excited as I am!

This pretty much sums it up.

Fondue Party

Last week at work we did a shoot for a fondue supper club for the Christmas issue of Celebrate. The shoot was awesome…from the colorful little fondue pots to the food (OMG The. Food.) this was a party I really want to use in real life. Who wants to come??

Check out a video I made (I sure love an iMovie video!) from behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot!



Every since watching the show Girls, I have been obsessed with this song. It was played at the end of episode 3, when Marni and Hannah danced around their apartment…now when it comes on I end up dancing around my apartment (probably with more of Hannah’s weird moves than Marni’s)

Friday Five

1. Lipton Green Tea Citrus


Yep…thats my camelback looking at its arch nemesis…

This tea is delicious…and I am so not a tea lover!

2. Annieglass

We did a New Years Eve Cocktail Party shoot this week for our November/December issue of Celebrate. Sidney did a great job making it elegant and sophisticated and used a product that I am not in love with…Annieglass! It is soooo beautiful and I am big time lusting over this stuff.

{Gotta have this cake stand and these plates}

3. Chez Lulu

Chez Lulu is a great restaurant around the corner from my apartment. Christina and I love to walk there and sit outside. And it feels just like we’re in Europe! (ha Janet)

4. Washington D.C


Just touring around DC solo

I booked a flight to visit friends in DC this August, and i can. not. wait.! Hope DC is ready for my return trip!

5. Celebrate {Fall Edition}


That cake was delicious…get this mag for that recipe if for no other reason

Our newest issue of Celebrate is now on stands!! I am so excited about this issue, not only because this is the first one I was apart of, but also because it is just wonderful!! I especially love the Dining Alfresco party! So do-able!